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Frequently Asked Questions

Can it be put on either side of the heat gun?

Yes. The strap can be flipped over to work with your left hand or right.

Will the strap scratch the vehicle?

No. There is a rubberized material that encases the magnet to prevent scratching.

What if the strap starts to slide around the heat gun?

Simply pull up on the tab while holding onto the magnet side, pull tight, and reset velcro back down. There is a piece of rubberized material sewn onto the strap to prevent sliding.

How do I know what size strap I need?

Measure the circumference of your particular heat gun and gauge how much material you will need to wrap around the device

How do I take care of my MagStrap?

If you do lay it on down on the ground, make sure nothing metal is stuck to the magnet so it does not scratch the finish on the car or the wrap vinyl. You also want to make sure you are cleaning the rubber pad regularly, to make sure nothing is stick to the strap that might scratch your vehicle.

Can I use MagStrapz on torches?

Yes. We do recommend you use two strapz to makes sure the torch stays stable and balanced.

What torches can be used and with what size strap?

The 14" strap will work well on the tall, thin torches, like the Berzomatic TX-9.
The 16" strap will fit shorter, wider torches, like the Bernzomatic TX-916. We are currently in the process of getting these straps to our distributors since it is new to our product line.

Will the heat gun damage or burn the vinyl or paint?

No. We have made sure the magnet is thick enough to keep the heat gun at a safe distance away from the vehicle. We always recommend turning off the heat gun while on the vehicle.